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  • Body Scrub 250 ml

    Collagen and sugar crystals in argan oil.

    295 AED
  • AteloCollagen 50 ml

    Combination of three types of collagen (atelo-, tropo- and pro collagen).

    725 AED
  • Thickening Shampoo 200 ml

    It causes the contraction and release of blood vessels in the hair follicles

    245 AED
  • Eye Contour 15 ml

    Cell growth and tissue repair

    295 AED
  • Collagen Silver 100 ml

    Body & genitals

    510 AED
  • Hair Mask 250 ml

    Perfect for dry hair or damaged by coloring.

    215 AED
  • Collagen Platinum 50 ml

    Face, neck & decollate

    410 AED
  • Day Cream 50 ml

    Restores its youthful vitality, firmness and elasticity

    395 AED
  • Colvita 120 caps

    Collagen + algae + vit.E

    685 AED

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About Collagen

Collagen which our body is also composed of, is in a constant process of exchange and as long as they run smoothly, your skin will look young and healthy. Body collagen is produced in manufacturing cells: fibroblasts, and chondrocytes, in processes known as collagen synthesis.

Natural Collagen fight with the causes of skin ageing - collagen deficiency. Natural Collagen applied over the skin, decomposes under the influence of human body temperature. Decomposed products (i.e. single spirals and peptide chains) penetrate the epidermis and consequently stimulate fibroblasts to produce body collagen.

The amino acids used in Natural Collagen closely match that of humans and has the capability of penetrating the tissues of the human body. This is primarily achieved by keeping the DNA triple helix at room temperature.

Containing natural fish protein, live and biologically active, Natural Collagen products are unique worldwide exclusively, maintaining biological activity until absorbed into the extracellular matrix of the skin

The absorption process does not require any methods or additional techniques that may cause side effects such as those suffered from bovine collagen injections for wrinkles.

Natural Collagens are a new generation product in the family of fish collagens. In Natural Collagen, the triple helix has been subjected to controlled dissimilation to single helices, which allowed achieving a collagen gel resistant to thermal despiralisation through a physical process.

Collagen is an amino acid known as the “protein of youth”. It forms more than 30% of human proteins in weight, and up to 70% of skin protein. More importantly it is responsible for continuous renewal of cells. The name collagen comes from Greek (Koila), meaning Glue.

In the skin, collagen and elastin build an elastic structure, which provides elasticity and firmness, binds water & lipophilic substances, and is an important component of connective tissue, which in fact is present through the human body. Fibroblast produce collagen and elastin fibers. A single collagen molecule, also known as tropocollagen is used to make up larger collagen aggregates.

Collagen is an integral part of the connective cells found in the dermis, ligaments, tendons, bones, blood vessels, corneas, dentin in teeth and intervertebral discs cartilage. Our vital organs: heart, liver, etc, even in hair and nails. The deficiency of collagen in the body is manifested through aging and infirmity of the organs.